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What is the Train 2.0 Coaches Certification?

The Train 2.0 coaching certification is a comprehensive platform allowing skills coaches to deliver standardized mechanics, drills, video analysis, sessions, skating assessments & more.

Coaches worldwide are taking advantage of the movement science method & are increasing their earning power for their programs.

Elevate your EXPERTISE

Over 50 hours of skill development courses created by kinesiologist & former pro.

CEO & Founder - Jason Yee

Pre-built Sessions for your skill development program

Introduce skating mechanics & techniques from the Downhill Skating System to 10x players development.

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Video Analysis

Become a niche with top-notch systematic

video feedback for your players.

Grow your business

Join a world renowned system & community

of coaches who benefit from the

movement science method.


Coaches will gain access to:

100s of drills to cue specific movement errors

NHL Clip Library

How to Coach a

'Downhill Skating System' Camp

Video Analysis Training

For Coaches

Frequently asked Questions

Can I run my own skill development business & represent Train 2.0?

Yes. In fact, all of our certified coaches have their own business. Becoming Train 2.0 certified allows you to teach mechanics & utilize pre-designed programs from Train 2.0's courses. It also allows you to market yourself as a Train 2.0 coach.

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How will the coaching course help my business?

  • 50 hours of Course Content

  • Leverage the Train 2.0 Brand & Marketing

  • Join a Community of like-minded Coaches

  • Video Analysis Tools & Courses

  • Drill Library & NHL Clip Library

  • Pre-Programmed Sessions & Camps

  • Increase value offered every session

  • Online Integration for your programs

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What is the process for becoming a certified Coach?

  1. Coaches must complete 7 Courses Required for Certification

  2. Coaches must submit a video analysis assignment

  3. Coaches must submit videos of themselves performing all 10 mechanics to official standard

  4. Coaches must pass the Coaching Course Exam

Please note that NOT ALL applicants will be accepted into the program*

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Hear from our certified coaches

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Coming Soon!

Meet our Coaches

Kevin McKinnon - Ottawa, ON

Joe Caldarone - Powell River, BC

Elite Edges Hockey Development

Maxwell Mowat - Vernon, BC

On the Edge Academy

Tommi Kaikkonen- Rauma, Finland

TKOO Training

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